Sea Anemone, Credit: Haifa U., Courtesy

Haifa University: Similarities Between Sea Anemones and the Human Brain

Despite an evolutionary gap of 700 million years, a new study undertaken at the University of Haifa found that the GABA neurotransmitter, which plays...

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En haut à g. Banded cotinga, Instituto Uiraçu ;  à d. Clarke’s weaver, Colin Jackson  en bas à g. Golden-rumped sengi, The East African Natural History Society à d. Northern brown howler, Bruno Mirand

TiME (Israel) will Buy Two Parcels of Land, Home to Endangered Species, in Kenya and Brazil and Turn Them into Protected Areas

Threatened species that live in the soon-to-be-protected areas are the Clarke’s weaver, the Northern brown howler monkey and many additional animal and plant species....

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Example connections within a sample of the population. (a) Example of connections between 3 subjects. (b) Example connections between 30 subjects. Haifa U.

Haifa U. (Israel): Mortality Rates from COVID-19 Can be Reduced if People Meet only with people in Their Own Age Group

Just before Israel decides on a possible third shutdown, a new study undertaken at the Sagol Department of Neurobiology at the University of Haifa,...

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Picture : Beit Ebenezer one for israel

University of Haifa Students Launch Pilot Project to Help Senior Citizens in Need

With the spread of Covid-19 across Israel, the University’s Dean of Students enlists volunteers to staff helpline for Haifa’s elderly so they can feel...

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Bar-Ilan U. (Israel): Grape Pips Reveal Collapse of Ancient Economy in the Grip of Plague and Climate Change

While we all try to understand the new reality imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many look to the past for historical precedents such as...

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Photo Hadassah

Public Health Experts see Opportunity for Future Planning amidst Corona Crisis

As COVID-19 continues to dominate headlines, public health experts have viewed this time as an opportunity to learn from the situation and plan for...

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Technion and Haifa U.: You can’t just walk it off

Past research has shown that the built environment can allow for changes in adolescent obesity rates. A new Israeli study shows that this linkage...

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Embouteillages à l'entrée de Tel Aviv ; déchets en mer à 100 m du littoral israélien

(Français) Tel Aviv face au défi des embouteillages et de la pollution plastique du littoral. Nehama Ronen dirige Ela Recycling

Tel Aviv is among the world’s most congested cities, according to Amsterdam-listed navigation technology company TomTom International BV, which released its latest traffic index...

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