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Haifa University: First Insect Radar of Its Kind in Israel Installed Near Agamon Hula

The first insect radar of its kind in Israel offers a chance to gauge the quantity of insects in Israel’s skies, something that could...

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Fires Ignited by Kite Terrorism Can Now Be Assessed Using Algorithm (BGU)

Fires Ignited by Kite Terrorism Can Now Be Assessed Using Algorithm Developed by Researchers at Ben-Gurion University. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers...

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Hackathon (Jerusalem College of Technology)

Image Processing Technology that Automatically Detects if a Senior Falls Down Wins JCT Women’s Hackathon

The 44-hour hackathon also included solutions to solve parking lot issues, detect a hand signal used for people in distress from domestic abuse, data...

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Image : Bar-Ilan U.

Bar-Ilan U.: Eye test and training for astronauts will help all of us on earth to see better

Scientific committee of the RAKIA mission selects vision technology used and modified by Bar-Ilan University to be tested during Israeli astronaut’s upcoming space trip. Prolonged exposure...

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Hebrew U. – Yale (USA) : New Study Shows Monkeys ‘See’ as Humans Do

It has long been known that humans possess the ability to process information and behave both at the conscious and non-conscious levels. It is...

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Rabin Medical Center (Israel): CorNeat Vision’s First Patient Regains Sight Following Artificial Cornea Implantation Ending a Decade of Blindness

The CorNeat KPro, the first artificial cornea which completely integrates with the eye wall with no reliance on donor tissue, was successfully implanted in...

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Jean-Yves Le Gall, Président du CNES


Tuesday 26 January, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall was invited to take part in the panel session on public-private partnerships at the 16th Ilan...

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Weizmann (Israel): microplastics in samples collected above the Atlantic Ocean reveals the spread of this hazardous pollution

As the plastic in our oceans breaks up into smaller and smaller bits without breaking down chemically, the resulting microplastics are becoming a serious...

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