Groundwork BioAg Supercharges Agricultural Carbon Sequestration

Groundwork BioAg® announced today the global launch of the Rootella Carbon™ program, based on mycorrhizal carbon – a frontier technology that leverages mycorrhizal fungi...

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Doctoral student Uri Neri under the guidance of Prof. Uri Gophna

TAU Researchers identify approximately 100,000 new types of viruses previously unknown to science

The researchers succeeded in identifying new viruses, even specifying which organisms they are likely to attack. Their discovery is expected to help advance the...

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TAU and IOLR (Israel) developed an innovative technology that enables the growth of enriched seaweed

Researchers from Tel Aviv University and the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute in Haifa have developed an innovative technology that enables the growth of...

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L.: Stalks of bread wheat  Right: Aphids on a stalk of wheat

Ben-Gurion University plant biologist is figuring out how wild wheat protects itself from insects

Wheat is a staple crop that provides 20% of the world population’s caloric and human protein intake. Although wheat is essential for human and...

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Asian market: Charoen Pokphand Foods and Future Meat (Israel) will develop cultured meat products

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF), one of the world’s leading integrated agro-industrial and food business, announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with Future Meat...

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Doral orchards

Bar-Ilan U. and Doral Group: agreements for R&D in renewable energy, climate, environment and solar agriculture

Bar-Ilan University and Doral Group, an entrepreneurial company in the field of renewable energy, have signed a series of agreements for strategic collaboration. Doral...

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Pr Rotem Sorek

(Français) Ravageurs dans l’agriculture : Weizmann (Israël) explique comment les plantes se défendent pour les renforcer

A brown blotch on a plant leaf may be a sign that the plant’s defenses are hard at work: When a plant is infected...

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Chippewa Lake Marks 2 years free from toxic algae blooms as a result of BleuGreen Treatment

BlueGreen Water Technologies (“BlueGreen”), a global watertech company, announced that following its groundbreaking treatment, Chippewa Lake, Ohio’s largest inland natural lake, is now celebrating two years...

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