Some of the range-restricted evolutionary unique species. The Red ruffed lemur (photo credit: Charles J Sharp), Madagascar fish eagle (photo credit: Anjajavy le Lodge), Hula painted frog (photo credit: Gopal Murali - own image), and Chinese Crocodile Lizard (photo credit: Holger Krisp). All images from Wikimedia Commons.

Ben Gurion University: Unique Rare Species Face Grave Dangers Due to Human Action

“In our age of the ‘sixth mass extinction’, our daily activities are causing hundreds and thousands of species to be lost forever. To turn...

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Eco Wave Power and CIMC OEI: MOU for the D&C of the EWP’s Technology in China

Eco Wave Power Global AB announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CIMC Offshore Engineering Institute Co., Ltd., otherwise known as CIMC OEI. The...

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Dr Eran Levin

(Français) Evolution : l’Université de Tel-Aviv explique pourquoi les femmes ont plus froid que les hommes

A scientific explanation for those battles over the air conditioning remote control: Researchers at Tel Aviv University’s School of Zoology offer a new evolutionary...

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Dr Liora Schmueli

Bar-Ilan U. : 57% of Israeli parents to vaccinate their children against Covid-19 if approved for ages 5-11

A new survey conducted by Bar-Ilan University reveals that a majority of Israeli parents who have children between the ages of 5-11 would agree...

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Worldwide 30% of trees are in danger of extinction. Not in Israel…

A meager 3% of trees in Israel are threatened, compared to 30% of trees in threat of extinction worldwide. In bad news, a report...

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Pr Michael Edelstein

Bar-Ilan University/Ziv Medical Center: 2nd vaccine dose needed for individuals infected with COVID-19 shortly after the first dose

A second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine should be offered to individuals infected with the virus shortly after receiving the first dose, according to...

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Pr Eliezer Rabinovici

Israeli Professor Eliezer Rabinovici (Hebrew U.) elected as next President of the CERN Council

The CERN Council announced the election of Professor Eliezer Rabinovici as its 24th president, for a period of one year, renewable twice, with a...

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Chippewa Lake Marks 2 years free from toxic algae blooms as a result of BleuGreen Treatment

BlueGreen Water Technologies (“BlueGreen”), a global watertech company, announced that following its groundbreaking treatment, Chippewa Lake, Ohio’s largest inland natural lake, is now celebrating two years...

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