Maths and Education: Big success for JCRME3 organized by JCT at Jerusalem

The campus Lev (Jerusalem College of Technology) recently organized the JCRME 3 (Jerusalem Conference on Research in Mathematics Education), 3rd Annual Conference of the Israeli researchers community on Research in Mathematics Education in Israel. This multi-institution symposium held on 16 and 17 February 2015 in Jerusalem was a great success with more than 180 participants attended the plenary sessions and working groups. The topics ranged from mathematics education from kindergarten to university, educational, technological, academic … The new programs from the Israeli Ministry of Education were also analyzed.

Among the speakers: Prof. Michal Tabach (Tel Aviv University) who recently published important work on the motivation of girls in math and science, announced by Israel Science Info, Professor Rosa Leikin (Technion), Prof. Avraham Arcavi and Prof. Ruhama Even (Weizmann Institute), Prof. Noah Dana-Picard (Jerusalem College of Technology) and Dr. Sara Hershkovitz (Center for Educational Technology)… Also: Universities of Haifa, Jerusalem, the Levinsky College of Education, Bar-Ilan University…

Prof. Dana-Picard underlines, “this conference immediately became a key event in the annual agenda of researchers. This strong scientific community influences Israeli researchers and all over the world. Mathematics are present in almost all academic and professional courses at different levels. The researchers’ work has a positive impact on the quality of education and university system throughout Israel and beyond. ”

Prof Noah Dana-Picard, president Emeritus, head of the Roland and Astrid Dana-Picard Chair for education, mathematics and Judaism

Prof Noah Dana-Picard, President Emeritus, head of the Roland and Astrid Dana-Picard Chair for Education, Mathematics and Judaism

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