COP21: Israel Science Info will be part of the KKL delegation, key points of the programm

IIsrael Science Info, print magazine and website created by Esther Amar in 2010, will accompany the KKL delegation during the 21th Conference of Parties to the Framework UN Convention on Climate Change, COP 21, to be held at Paris Le Bourget November 30th to December 11th 2015. The Israeli delegation will open its booth from December 7th until December 10th in the evening.

December 9th – 13:30 :
“National and Regional Adaptation to Mediterranean Climate Change: Forests, Landscape and Beyond”
Montenegro and KKL-JNF (Israel) are cooperating on a forestry project as each country advances domestic plans to adapt to anticipated climate change impacts in the Mediterranean. How do these initiatives also advance the Regional Adaptation Framework being developed by the the Mediterranean Action Plan?

Speakers : Dr. David Brand, Chief Forester; KKL-JNF; Representative of Montenegro Ministry of Agriculture; Gaetano Leone, Coordinator, UNEP MAP; Dr Sinaia Netanyahu, Chief Scientist, Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection; Karine Bolton

11.12.2015 13:15-14:45 Room number: 2 : Side Event organized by the Israeli Ministry of Environment and the Bavarian Environment Ministry
Technological break-through in the RAC sector-new cost effective and energy efficient solutions
Innovative and proven technologies exist for reducing GHG emissions in high ambient temperature refrigeration and air conditioning sector. We will present environmental and energy-efficient solutions that can be readily applied, thereby promoting a cost-effective transition to a low carbon economy.

Speakers : From Ministry of Environmental Protection and Israeli technology companies offering solutions; Bavarian Environment Ministry; Air Conditioning and Refrigeration European Association (AREA); Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA); German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ Proklima)

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