COP21: 8 Israeli companies will present their innovative technologies to fight against global warming

8 Israeli companies will present their innovative technologies to fight against global warming during COP21 in the presence of personalities : Avraham Gabbay, israeli minister of the protection of environnement, S.E. Aliza Bin-Noun ambassador of Israel in France, Ron Adam, delegate for IRENA and Eitan Parnass, DG and founder of Green Energy.

SolarEdge, The SolarEdge portfolio of products includes power optimizers, highly efficient PV inverters and a web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection. The SolarEdge system enables harvesting more solar power from any PV system by effectively removing the known system constraints across the photovoltaic energy space.

Enstorage, EnStorage’s flow battery chemistry utilizes HBr and H2. As power flows into the stack H2 is generated and stored. During the discharge cycle H2 is consumed and energy is generated (see below). No mechanical compressor is used in this process and only one liquid pump is in use.

Brenmiller Energy, its unique energy storage system opens the doors to numerous applications by enabling energy producers to have full control over dispatchability on any scale, day or night. Their solar collectors have been enhanced, overcoming persistent problems with CSP technology, and now deliver the best performance at the lowest cost. solution de stockage thermique pour la production d’énergie

Homebiogas offers the most advanced, compact and cost-effective Biogas systems that convert kitchen waste and animal manure into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer, while maintainning the highest safety and heatlh standards.

Ecoppia, to maximize solar energy output in utility-grade sites, without the expense and negative ecological impact of manual and water-based cleaning, Ecoppia created E4. E4’s unique water-free robotic cleaning process combines a powerful, soft microfiber cleaning system with controlled airflow – removing 99% of dust daily and keeping panels at optimal production rates.

Breezometer: Air quality can change dramatically in a few hours and at a much lower resolution than the weather. BreezoMeter utilizes big data infrastructure to continuously gather air quality & weather measurements from literally thousands of sources. The gathered data is processed through unique algorithms to provide accurate air quality information right down to street level.

Sologic (eTree), eTree is powered by solar panels that produce energy directly from the sun. It is an independent unit that produces green energy and provides a place of comfort and energy for a wide variety of services: Shaded recreation area with benches; Docking station to charge smartphones and tablets; Free Wi Fi * A water trough for animals; Night illumination; LCD screen; All possible electrical consumers such as a pump to operate the fountain

Phinergy is a leading developer of breakthrough, zero emission, high energy density systems based on Metal Air energy technologies, mainly Aluminum-Air and Zinc-Air. Unlike conventional batteries that carry oxygen, these batteries freely breathe oxygen from the ambient air to release the energy contained in metals.

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