Umoove Launches MindReset App (JCT) to Help Clear Distressed Minds

The Israel-based mobile software technology company Umoove has announced the launch of MindReset, an app that will help users clear their distressed minds through very short, eye tracking based, sessions.

Emotional life events leave emotional memory images which can replay subconsciously in various contexts, while continuously triggering stress responses as if the events are being experienced over and over again, ultimately resulting in mental health conditions. With the mental health care sector struggling to provide an affordable, efficient, and stigma-free solution to this challenge, MindReset is pioneering a radical new approach to mental wellness.

The app is designed to invite the user’s subconscious to access the emotional memory image. Umoove’s eye-tracking technology detects that split-second access, and then the user is taken through a process which interrupts the connection with those subconscious images. Once the connection is interrupted, the user experiences often immediate recovery from distress. As of today, the app includes programs dedicated to depression, anxiety, chronic stress, trauma, chronic fatigue and insomnia, with other programs planned for future releases.

MindReset is a joint venture between mental wellness coach Matt Hudson and Umoove, a company known for its unique mobile eye-tracking technology, particularly in the realm of mobile health solutions.

Yitzi Kempinski

Yitzi Kempinski

“The eyes are known to be the window of the soul, for us it’s a window of opportunity; providing a quick non-invasive intervention to the mind, even if the user is unsure about the cause of their stress,” said Yitzi Kempinski, the CEO and co-founder of Umoove.

Tuvia Elbaum, a co-founder of Umoove is an alum of the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT), where he studied business and was able to simultaneously build Umoove with the support of the flexibility that the College provides for students who wish to balance pursuits such as academics, Torah study, and entrepreneurial ventures — all within the same schedule. Elbaum took his business courses and Tuesdays and Fridays, while working on Umoove during his spare time.

“JCT was the ideal place for my values and ambitions,” said Elbaum, who graduated from the College in 2013. “I am a true believer in leading a life filled with Torah, but I also prioritize working, creating, and being an active contributor to the economy. JCT offered incredible flexibility that enabled me to achieve my multifaceted goals.”

Today, Umoove provides Elbaum with a continued opportunity to give back to his alma mater, as the company has employed more than 10 JCT students. This aligns with the College’s mission of infusing Israel’s technology sector with increased talent from largely untapped sources such as the Orthodox population.

Tuvia Elbaum

Tuvia Elbaum

“During my initial years in the high-tech world, it felt like there were very few kippot around,” Elbaum said. “Now the landscape is different, yet occasionally I still ask myself: ‘Do I belong in this world?’ JCT is working diligently to ensure that religious high-tech professionals become not the exception, but the rule in Israel, which is mutually beneficial for religious communities and Israeli society as a whole.”

The new MindReset app is available through the Apple Store or Google Play.

Umoove is the developer of the first-ever pure software face and eye tracking technology for any mobile device. No extra hardware is needed for Umoove’s unique technology. With simple app downloads, any device can become capable of seeing the user and looking him in the eye, opening new possibilities in many sectors, including healthcare, where looking at the user’s eyes is a window to diagnosing brain activity. Umoove is focused on forming strategic partnerships with companies in various markets who are integrating the technology to deliver new and impactful products.

Established in 1969, the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) is one of Israel’s most prestigious and unique academic institutions of higher learning with a focus on science and technology. JCT supplies highly skilled, professional graduates to Israel’s and the world’s high-tech industry. In addition, we are the only university committed to providing the highest quality academic education to diverse segments of Israeli society who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to enter these fields. JCT offers exclusive programs developed specifically for Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) men and women and other demographic groups.

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