Israeli Startup Novel Concepts Medical Announces Breakthrough in COVID-19 Treatment

New treatment shows significant decrease in the amount of ‘spike protein’ that causes coronavirus illness.

An Israeli start-up says it made a breakthrough in the development of a treatment for those sick with coronavirus that has so far proven effective.

Novel Concepts Medical is says its combination of natural compounds results in a significant decrease in the amount of coronavirus spike protein, the protein that connects the coronavirus to human cells.

“All the research in the world is focused on this spike protein,” said company founder Dr. Rachel R. Alkalay. “We managed to decompose it. Essentially, this is the equivalent of taking the fuel out of a car.”

Novel Concepts Medical said it tested the formula at the Smart Assays Lab run by Dr. Raphael Mayer, whose lab expertise in analytical chemistry and biochemical processes help medical startups prove their concepts. The lab has been working since March developing assays – investigative procedures for qualitatively assessing the effectiveness of new procedures and treatments – for coronavirus treatments.

The company applied for a patent in the United States, the Jerusalem Post reported, which until approval means the company cannot reveal what exactly is contained in their formula.

“It has been a challenging but exciting journey to get this far,” said Alkalay. “We have encountered some resistance to the formula incorporating only natural compounds but the lab results speak for themselves and we are happy to be able to publish and share them in full. We are now looking for collaboration with hospitals to roll out clinical trials.”

“Our invention is safe to use because we are repurposing compounds that have already been tested on millions of people safely for other purposes,” Alkalay said. “Our findings show that it is very possible to have an immediate effect in inhibiting the virus in people who have been exposed.”

Alkalay said Novel Concepts Medical is now looking to collaborate with hospitals, both in Israel and other countries, to begin clinical trials, MSN reported.

Source unitedwithisrael January 3th 2021 by Yakir Benzion


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