GENOMIC VISION First R&D DAY, May 10th, Paris, France

Genomic Vision, a biotech company specialized in the development of diagnostic tests for the early detection of cancers and genetic diseases, will host a first R&D Day on May 10th, 2017, in the Imagine Institute (Necker Hospital, Paris). This event dedicated to the investors, the analysts and the press will allow them to deepen their knowledge on the main GENOMIC VISION’s R&D programs through presentations led with its historical industrial partner QUEST DIAGNOSTICS and several academic teams.

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Aaron Bensimon

Dr Aaron Bensimon, Founder and CEO of Genomic Vision

The Molecular Combing procedure

High molecular weight DNA is extracted and purified from the samples, and the DNA solution is placed in the disposable reservoir of the MCS. A 22-mm2 CombiCoverslip (glass carrier specifically treated with vinyl silane) is manually clipped to the system. The rest of the procedure is fully automated and takes only 10 minutes.

First, the CombiCoverslip is lowered into the reservoir containing the DNA, in which it is incubated briefly to allow the DNA to attach to the glass surface at one or both of its extremities. The CombiCoverslip is then automatically withdrawn at constant speed from the DNA solution. Due to the slide being drawn through the air-liquid meniscus, DNA molecules are stretched and aligned in a controlled and consistent manner on the glass surface. Each DNA molecule is combed out with a constant stretching factor (2 kb/µm), enabling precise and direct measurements along the length of the DNA fiber.

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