For the first time in humans: Hyperbaric oxygen treatments halted the aging of blood cells

First clinical trial in healthy aging adults: a unique HBOT protocol (hyperbaric oxygen treatments in a pressure chamber) reversed two biological processes associated with...

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Eco Wave Power and Painhas (Portugal) : strategic collaboration for its 20MW Portugal Project

Publicly traded wave energy developer, Eco Wave Power (Israel), signed strategic collaboration with Painhas for the technical support for the licensing of its’ Portugal project....

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MICRO2020: biennial international conference on plastic pollution from MACRO to nano

Welcome to MICRO, our biennial international conference on plastic pollution from MACRO to nano. We are working hard to make this 3rd edition of...

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Tel Aviv U.: CRISPR Cas-9 System Doubles Life Expectancy in Mice with Aggressive Cancers

Scientists in Israel have used the CRISPR Cas-9 gene editing system to destroy cancerous cells in mice without damaging other cells. Their research –...

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Sunset over the Zin Valley in the Negev Desert Photo Credits: Dani Machlis/BGU

BGU: World’s Leading Desertification Conference Kicks Off Today from Ben-Gurion University in Israel

The 2020 Drylands, Deserts & Desertification Conference (DDD) begins today and will address one of the most pressing worldwide issues, “Feeding the Drylands: Challenges...

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University of Haifa

Lancet Editor Richard Horton: Pfizer Vaccine Won’t Be “Magic Bullet” in Cure for Coronavirus

The new vaccine from Pfizer won’t be “magic bullet” to eradicate the coronavirus pandemic, but will be an important tool in managing the spread...

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Aleph Farms' slaughter-free steaks (Credit - Aleph Farms)

JCT, Jerusalem: First-Ever Conference Examining if Lab-Grown Meat is Kosher

The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT), in partnership with the Sulamot Organization, held a first-ever international conference last week which examined the field of...

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ECOIBÉRIA pet flakes

Biodegradation of Plastic: BGN Technologies (Israel) announces Research Collaboration with ECOIBÉRIA

The research will focus on bacterial biodegradation of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for the purpose of plastic recycling. BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of...

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