Israël Science Info n°02
Economy at the top thanks to high-tech

  • Israel has chairmanship of Euréka ; Israel is member of OECD !
  • European consortium for the 4G mobile managed by an Israeli
  • Agreements between Israel and China, Germany, Jordan, Japan, the Palestinian Authority, DRC ; Israel wants to irrigate Africa
  • Detection of renal failure thank to an electronic nose : a consortium on depression and schizophrenia
  • Markers for multiple sclerosis ; a protein initiating Psoriasis; industrial culture of stem cells
  • Regenerative medicine and pregnancy : the Bill Gates Foundation wants to fight Leishmaniasis
  • Multiplying the yield of tomatoes : wave energy ; treatment of rainwater at its very beginning ; bees saved from extinction ?
  • Interview of Frédéric Encel : a professorship in prevention of energetic risks at the ESG ; the Better Place network to recharge electric cars
  • Software to optimize journeys on mobiles ; videocrypter in motion ; Orange chooses Orca Interactive ; Nokia rewards an Israeli software ; Netex removed www
  • Constant stress, obesity and diabetes are linked ; weight loss and atherosclerosis
  • The Brain Research Center sponsored by the by the Safra Foundation aims to be among the world’s top 5 ; Relativity, Einstein was right ; a project of the CNRS and the Weizmann Institute about nanobiosciences
  • Familial therapy to prevent adolescent suicide
  • Parkinson, Azilect finally available in France ; Roche sign an agreement with the HUJ
  • Polygonum, a miracle plant grown, among others, on the rich fields of Galilee
  • Shanghai World Expo 2010

Israël Science Info