Israël Science Info n°01
Recent exploits of Israeli researchers

  • Israel, first European partner in research ; an artificial hand ; a gold treatment against cancer ; Ada Yonath, Nobel prize in Chemistry and l’OREAL-UNESCO Award for Women in Science
  • Complex bone fractures healed within 3 months thanks to stem cells
  • Medicine: Alzheimer, cancer, epilepsy, hepatic steatosis
  • Stem cell grafts to stop age-related macular degeneration (AMD) ; Laser sutures render scars less visible ; Silicon-Air batteries last thousands of hours
  • The molecular computer becomes logic ; separation of carbon nanotubes in a superacid medium
  • Modified plants reduce environmental SO2
  • An anti H1N1 gel ; non-invasive surgery thanks to InsighTec ; a miraculous nanolawn
  • Technological agreements between Israel and China, Canada and France
  • The molecule of the biological clock ; chronic depression and osteoporosis : impact of stress on the fetus
  • Psychometry: gifted children in Israel are spoiled !
  • Teva, the first worls manufacturer of generics buys Ratiopharm
  • Agreement Pfizer et Compugen

Israël Science Info