Israël Science Info n°03
Israel, global laboratory

  • Shimon Peres speech to the UN Millennium Development Goals Summit, ” Our experience is replicable”; agreements with Brazil, Angola, Haiti, India, Gaza and the US
  • Biomed 2010, French industry confirms the trend of a strong presence; European Union finances computing and telecom projects
  • Collagen fom Tobacco plants; obesity; the genome of singing birds; mental retardation
  • New treatment kills HIV cells in laboratory cultures; Nano against Herpes; new antibiotics to combat drug-resistant “superbugs”
  • An Electronic ‘Nose’ Predicts the Pleasantness of Novel Odors; a nano textile with antibacterial properties; a sniffing device for disabled people; radars for blind persons ;
  • Strengthened solar cells; corals and global warming; the biggest reverse osmosis factory; Technion detecting water contamination
  • Events : Israel at Pollutec 2010; the Israeli economy at ESG; Eureka and Cleantech
  • Hypervision solution of Nice Systems; the weak point of smart cards; the futur computer boosted with poplar proteins
  • A third type of supernova; the danger of asteroid pairs
  • Interview of Muriel Touaty; Nano-patterned superconducting thin films
  • Special feature on cancer research: diagnostics, treatments, vaccination, cooperation
  • An all weather snowmaker: a battery based upon treated potatoes : super wheat without GMO
  • Identifying the brain’s ‘fear zone’; Gene affecting chronic pain
  • Companies: Abbott; InsighTec; Novagali
  • Hypertension; a male Birth control pill; prematures and Mozart ; Eda Foe among top 100 world personalities; medical tourism strongly increasing in Israel

Israël Science Info