A g. : assistant professeur Maytal Caspary Toroker, à d. Vicky Fidelsky

Technion (Israel): the success of doping iron for the best catalyst known today for splitting water

The research group led by Asst. Prof. Maytal Caspary Toroker from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering deciphered the reason for the success...

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Weizmann (Israel): Controlling Electron Spin for Efficient Water Splitting

Water is made of oxygen and hydrogen, and splitting water molecules to produce hydrogen for fuel is a promising path for alternative energy. One...

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Dr Shani Elitzur, Faculté d'ingénierie aérospatiale, Technion, Israël

Technion (Israel): In-flight, on-demand hydrogen production could mean ‘greener’ aircraft

Aerospace engineers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed and patented a process that can be used onboard aircraft while in flight to...

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De g. à d. : Prof. Gideon Grader, Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Avigail Landman, Prof. Avner Rothschild from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering

Technion (Israel): Hydrogen On Demand through separation of hydrogen production and oxygen production

Technion researchers have developed a new method for the production of hydrogen from water using solar energy. The new method will make it possible...

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Laurent Burelle, PDG de Plastic Omnium

Hydrogen: Plastic Omnium has set up a joint venture to 100 people with an Israeli high tech company

Guest this Wednesday, July 27 on Good Morning Business, the CEO of this family group, Laurent Burelle, announced that his company was investing in...

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Shani Elitzur, doctorante à la faculté de génie aérospatiale  du Technion

Technion (Israel) : Shani Elitzur won third place in the international Falling Walls Lab competition

Shani Elitzur, a doctoral student at the Technion Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, won third place in the finals of the international Falling Walls Lab...

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Photo (left to right): Prof. Lior Elbaz, who is developing hydrogen-based technology that powers drones, Bar-Ilan Council of Trustees Chairman Shlomo Zohar, Minister of Energy Karine Elharrar, Bar-Ilan President Prof. Arie Zaban and CEO Zohar Yinon 
Courtesy: Bar-Ilan University

Bar-Ilan University launches research center for energy and sustainability; school for sustainability and the environment

Bar-Ilan University to invest hundreds of millions of shekels in research, ventures and training in the field of energy and sustainability over the next...

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Highly magnified star Earendel. The collection of yellow-looking galaxies form the massive galaxy-cluster lens that magnifies background objects lying behind it. The inset shows the highly magnified red galaxy, host to Earendel, stretched into an arc due to lensing, and the highly magnified star is marked with a white arrow.  CREDITS:  SCIENCE: NASA, ESA, Brian Welch (JHU), Dan Coe (STScI)  IMAGE PROCESSING: NASA, ESA, Alyssa Pagan (STScI)

(Français) Johns Hopkins U. et BGU : record battu, Hubble repère Earendel, l’étoile la plus éloignée jamais vue

In a collaboration including researchers from Ben-Gurion University, the Hubble Space Telescope has established an extraordinary new benchmark: detecting the light of a star...

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