L.: Stalks of bread wheat  Right: Aphids on a stalk of wheat

Ben-Gurion University plant biologist is figuring out how wild wheat protects itself from insects

Wheat is a staple crop that provides 20% of the world population’s caloric and human protein intake. Although wheat is essential for human and...

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Setting a methane bubble alight  Photo Prof. Orit Sivan

Permafrost: how much methane is being produced and released into the atmosphere

Considerable amounts of methane, one of the major greenhouse gases, are sequestered in sediment under the permafrost surrounding the Artic Circle. However, global warming...

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Self-organization of plants in spatial patterns. Stripe pattern of Acacia trees (photo BGU)

BGU Proposes Utilizing Ecosystem Complexity to Mitigate Ecosystem Response to Climate Extremes

Climate change and the prospect of more frequent and intense climate extremes, such as prolonged droughts, threaten many services that plant communities provide to...

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Dr Debra Toiber

BGU Takes a Step Closer to Finding the Genes that Predict Healthy Aging

What if the secret to reversing aging is not an elixir of life but identifying the genes that control aging and then reversing the...

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BGU (Israel): Conventional Wastewater Treatment Does Not Eliminate the Risk of Coronavirus Spreading

Wastewater must be treated beyond the conventional scheme in order to eliminate the new coronavirus, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers have found in...

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BGU (Israel): Mankai Duckweed Plant Found to Offer Significant New Health Benefits, According to Ben-Gurion University Researchers

Mankai, a high-protein aquatic plant strain of duckweed, has significant potential as a superfood by providing glycemic control needed after carbohydrate consumption, a team...

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(Français) Menaces chimiques des conteneurs maritimes : le Technion et la BGU (Israël) partenaires du projet Cosmic (UE)

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You...

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BGU Researchers Show That Tropical Fish Can Control Microbes to Survive Extreme Temperatures

Tropical fish can control their gut microbes to help them survive extremes of temperature, Ben-Gurion University researchers said Tuesday. In a study published in...

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