Tel Aviv University and IIE: corals’ fluorescent colors are designed to serve as lure for their prey

It is a known fact that corals glow, even at a depth of 45 meters. Now, Tel Aviv University researchers have succeeded in proving...

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Bar-Ilan U., Technion, University of Haifa, and Tel Aviv U.: a new method may curb reef devastation plaguing global coral ecosystems

The world’s coral reefs are becoming extinct due to many factors such as global warming and accelerated urbanization in coastal areas, which places tremendous...

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Photo : red sea reef foundation

Bar-Ilan: Unique Red Sea coral reef expected to be among the last to survive past mid-century

The Red Sea Reef Foundation (RSRF) has awarded research grants to five scientists from Israel and Jordan – including two from Bar-Ilan University —...

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Credit: Dr. Shani Levy and Hagai Nativ

Haifa U. and Weizmann: The First Atlas for the Cell of Stony (Skeleton-Building) Corals

A joint study by the University of Haifa, the Centre for Genomic Regulation (Barcelona), and the Weizmann Institute have managed to sequence – for...

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Photos of corals in the Gulf of Aqaba courtesy Prof. Maoz Fine, Bar-Ilan University

Global warming (Bar-Ilan U.) : Northern Red Sea corals live close to the threshold of resistance to cold temperature

Coral reefs are one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on earth. In the northern Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba corals also have...

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(Français) Eilat : Bar-Ilan U. (Israël) montre que la pollution lumineuse côtière perturbe l’horloge biologique des coraux

New research in Eilat shows that artificial light at night from surrounding tourist attractions has negative effects on corals As the global population continues...

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(Français) Eilat (Israël) : la BGU et ses partenaires sauvent les coraux après la tempête du 13 mars dernier

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You...

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Corals in the Gulf of Aqaba (Photo Ove Hoegh-Guldberg)

Bar-Ilan U. (Israel): International experts call for immediate action to save the world’s most resilient corals

Despite political tensions between countries along the Red Sea, researchers band together to call upon UNESCO to declare the Red Sea’s entire coral reef...

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