Utilight (Israel) invented and is developing a revolutionary 3D printing technology

Utilight Ltd. is an innovative startup company striving to provide a better way to utilize the suns renewable energy, enabling affordable solar energy for a cleaner world. Utilight invented and is developing a revolutionary printing technology (patents’ pending PTP™ – Pattern Transfer Printing) for an immediate implementation in the PV metallization process of c-Si solar cells; increasing solar cell efficiency while reducing PV manufacturing costs.

In August 2012, after successfully accomplishing the feasibility study, which was backed by angel investors and R&D grants from the Israeli office of Chief Scientist, the company received investments from three venture funds towards the development of commercial products for the solar PV industry. The company has developed strategic partnerships with leading solar cell manufacturers in China and Taiwan.

Founded in 2008 by Amir Noy, Michael Matusovsky, Giora Dishon and Moshe Finarov. The company is located in the industrial zone of Yavne, about 20 km south of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

“The company is claiming that the the new PTP process is capable of saving traditional manufacturers up to $500,000 in silver paste and an additional $500,000 in annual efficiency for a standard 40mw PV manufacturing line.  Based on these calculations, the company promises that those who are brave enough to use the process in their line will see a full return on cost in less than half a year – a very short span of time when all is said and done” (source 3ders.org).

About the founders:

Giora Dishon, CEO & Chairman, Co-founder, PhD Material Science1993-2007, co-founder , President and CEO of “Nova Measuring Instruments” (Nasdaq: NVMI from 2000, 2011 revenues ~$100M, market cap >$250M). Giora has acquired 30 years of experience in semiconductor and packaging processing, equipment developing, marketing and management. A Successful “second-timer”.
Amir Noy, CTO, Physics (graduate from the prestigious Talpiot Program) Former CTO at Orbotech/PCB division (Nasdaq: ORBK) has gained 15 years of expertise in developing multiple technologies.
Moshe Finarov, VP Engineering, PhD Physics – 1993-2007, co-founder, VP Technology and CTO of “Nova Measuring Instruments” (Nasdaq: NVMI)Moshe has 30 years of experience in semiconductors and optical systems, developing, producing and marketing and co-inventor in over 70 patents. A successful “second-timer”. Author of the book “Starting-Up” and a lecturer at the Ben Gurion University

Michael Matusovsky, Chief Physicist, PhD Physics – Misha formerly the head of physics at Orbotech/Assembly division (Nasdaq: ORBK). Has 10 years of experience in developing multiple optical technologies and systems.

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