(Left to Right): Professor David Broday, Professor Eran Friedler, Ilan Katz and Liron Houber

Technion (Israel): LDS-AMH system can absorb ambient moisture into a liquid desiccant to produce water. Interview

Researchers at the Technion have developed a standalone system that produces water from the air, even in desert regions. The innovative system is capable...

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Watergen’s GENNY Wins 2020 CTA Mark of Excellence Award For Its Innovative Water-From-Air Solution

CTA recognizes GENNY as a Smart Home Division Mark of Excellence Award recipient during CES 2020. Watergen’s GENNY, a new water-from-air appliance, has been...

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(Français) WRI : Israël, 2ème pays au monde pour le stress hydrique ? Réactions des experts Ezra Banoun et Norbert Lipszyc

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You...

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Water-Gen (Israël): water from air to anticipate world water crisis

Medium-Scale Atmospheric Water Generator Generates up to 900 liters of clean water every day. Schools, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings and more can now...

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Arye Kohavi, founder and president of Water-Gen

Water-Gen (Israel) turns air into water and launches a residential atmospheric water generator

Israeli start-up Water-Gen has developed unique and advanced technologies to dehumidify air with the highest energy efficiency possible today. At the core of the...

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