Water-Gen (Israel) turns air into water and launches a residential atmospheric water generator

Arye Kohavi, founder and president of Water-Gen Arye Kohavi, founder and president of Water-Gen

Israeli start-up Water-Gen has developed unique and advanced technologies to dehumidify air with the highest energy efficiency possible today. At the core of the technology is a unique patented heat exchange system, GENius™, which has been incorporated in all Water-Gen systems. GENius™-based systems are highly efficient with respect to energy consumption (Watt-hour per liter of dehumidification water).

Among the advantages of this technology are:

Small size: can replace currently installed heat exchangers.

Built with low-cost, non-conductive materials: plastic (polystyrene, PET, or other).

If required, a proprietary algorithm optimizes operation to the highest efficiency to accommodate for changes in climate conditions.

Atmospheric Water Generation (Launching in 2015)

There is an ongoing water shortage crisis worldwide, with no solution in the foreseeable future. Many developing countries cannot provide pure potable water to their residents. In many residential locations water from the tap is available only a few hours a day, and even then it is highly contaminated. Residents in these locations rely on packaged water (bottles or cans) as a source of drinking water. Under these conditions, water-from-air is one of the best solutions available for the provision of fresh, pure, potable water.

The new Residential Atmospheric Water Generator. The Water-Gen residential atmospheric water generator incorporates the GENius™ technology developed by Water-Gen.

Main specifications:

Production of water at 330W-h/liter (~3 liters per kW)

Ability to operate in atmospheric conditions starting from 8°C and 25% RH

Perfect water purification and sterilization

Cost of water in India: 1.8 rupee (1.6 rupee for the electricity and 0.2 consumables), in contrast to 5-8 rupee/liter for packaged water

Unit designed for locations where municipal water does not exist or it is of bad quality (areas in India, Africa, China, etc.)

Water-Gen has begun its operation in the defense market, designing state-of-the-art solutions for supplying water. Among these are atmospheric water generation (drinking water-from-air), treatment of air conditioning run-off water, and battery-operated mobile water purification units.

The products are designed as ground, vehicle-mounted, and back-carried installations. The company has been selling its products to customers such as the US Army, UK Army, French Army, Israel Defense Force, and others.

Atmospheric water generation can also be regarded as air dehumidification. Common home appliances in this field include air dehumidifiers, laundry dryers, air conditioners, equipment for dry storage, etc. In these areas, Water-Gen technologies can decrease energy consumption significantly by using inexpensive materials (mostly simple plastic), small size, and highly efficient methods and components.

Water-Gen’s Innovative spirit is internationally recognized by leading entities: One of the world’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2014 (Fast Company Magazine) ; Technology Innovation Leadership of the Year for 2014 (Frost and Sullivan) ; Mr. Arye Kohavi, Water-Gen’s President, chosen as one of the world’s 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2014 (Foreign Policy Magazine)

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