Doral orchards

Bar-Ilan U. and Doral Group: agreements for R&D in renewable energy, climate, environment and solar agriculture

Bar-Ilan University and Doral Group, an entrepreneurial company in the field of renewable energy, have signed a series of agreements for strategic collaboration. Doral...

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Eco Wave Power (Israël) Installs a Combined Wave and Solar System in Gibraltar

Onshore marine energy developer, Eco Wave Power (EWPG Holding AB) installs a new combined wave and solar system in the EWP grid connected wave...

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Prof Lilac Amirav

Technion (Israel) : Artificial Photosynthesis

For decades, hydrogen has been considered the fuel of the future, because its burning releases only energy and water, and does not pollute the...

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Eco Wave Power (Israel) files a New Patent for Combined Wave and Solar System and Starts Testing of the Combined Solution in Jaffa Port, Israel

This week, EWP applied for a new PCT (international patent) and a new Israeli Patent for an integrated wave and solar system and commenced...

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BGU, Technion Researchers Master Use of Solar Power to Produce Hydrogen

A new st​udy  presents a breakthrough toward understanding the mechanism of splitting water. Researchers led by Dr. Arik ​Yochelis and Dr. Iris Visoly-Fisher of Ben-Gurion...

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Eitan Parnass, founder and director of Israel’s Green Energy Association

Israel issues 1.6 GW scheme for rooftop solar

The Israeli government has officially launched the new incentive scheme for rooftop solar PV, which it submitted for public consultation last December. The scheme,...

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