Some of the range-restricted evolutionary unique species. The Red ruffed lemur (photo credit: Charles J Sharp), Madagascar fish eagle (photo credit: Anjajavy le Lodge), Hula painted frog (photo credit: Gopal Murali - own image), and Chinese Crocodile Lizard (photo credit: Holger Krisp). All images from Wikimedia Commons.

Ben Gurion University: Unique Rare Species Face Grave Dangers Due to Human Action

“In our age of the ‘sixth mass extinction’, our daily activities are causing hundreds and thousands of species to be lost forever. To turn...

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Mountain gazelle looking at a highway intersection, Jerusalem mountains, Israel (photo: Amir Balaban)

BGU and Tel Aviv U. Ecologists Lay Out Conservation Plan for the Endangered Mountain Gazelle

The endangered mountain gazelle Gazella gazella was once widespread throughout the Fertile Crescent in parts of present-day Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iraq....

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Représentation conceptuelle de l’iEcologie - montrant comment les types de données clés peuvent se transformer en connaissance du monde naturel à l’aide d’un ensemble d’outils de recherche qui, à leur tour, peuvent fournir de nouvelles perspectives écologiques

CNRS (France), BGU (Israel), Czech republic : iEcology, What Can the Online World Teach Us About the Natural World?

An increasing amount of our interactions with each other, as well as with our environment is manifested in the digital realm. These may be...

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Photo Credit: Dr. Uri Roll

Oxford, Birmingham, BGU (Israel): a treasure trove of biodiversity in the web

An international team of researchers from The University of Oxford, the University of Birmingham and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have found that the...

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