Example connections within a sample of the population. (a) Example of connections between 3 subjects. (b) Example connections between 30 subjects. Haifa U.

Haifa U. (Israel): Mortality Rates from COVID-19 Can be Reduced if People Meet only with people in Their Own Age Group

Just before Israel decides on a possible third shutdown, a new study undertaken at the Sagol Department of Neurobiology at the University of Haifa,...

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Bar-Ilan University researchers present strategy for exiting coronavirus lockdown

Alternating lockdown strategy involves splitting the population into two groups that alternate between lockdown and routine activity in weekly succession. Most projections indicate that...

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Seeking the Elusive “Herd Effect” to Beat back Coronavirus

Is the coronavirus playing games with the world? Do lockdowns have a lasting effect? Hong Kong was a rare success story in the global...

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