Maabarot Products (Israel) invests 20M$ in French company Algaia

La structure du groupe Maabarot La structure du groupe Maabarot

Maabarot Products is Israel’s leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of a wide range of advanced nutrition and health products for people and pets.

The Maabarot Group is comprised of the following subsidiaries: Altman Health, Biopet, Halavit, Anlit, Laboratoria Natury (Poland), and Algaia (France).

Originally founded in 1963 by Kibbutz Maabarot to produce milk substitutes for calves in partnership with Teva Pharmaceuticals, Maabarot Products has earned a reputation for reliability and safety.

We employ more than 500 people at several operational sites across Israel, including our main office in Emek Hefer, the Altman site in Or Yehuda, and the Anlit site in the Granot Industrial Zone. We also have international operations in Paris, Saint-Lô, and Lannilis (France), Izmir (Turkey), and Lublin and Warsaw (Poland).

Usine Maabarot

Usine Maabarot

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