3rd Innovation Day France-Israel, April 6th 2016, in Paris

3rd Innovation Day France-Israel (ID3), flagship event of 2016 on economic cooperation between France and Israel. This event is organized by the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital in France and the Ministry of Economy and Industry in Israel, in the presence of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital and Mr. Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist Expert of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Israel.
The event, to be held in Paris on 6 April, is dedicated to developing technology partnerships between French and Israeli innovative companies.

1. Discover the vitality of the French-Israeli innovation in three key sectors:


FUTURE TRANSPORTATION: autonomous vehicles, traffic management and urban mobility.

DIGITAL: big data, Internet of Objects and e-health.

2. Meet potential business and technology partners in B2B.

3. Go to the French-Israeli R&D financing tools for SMEs.

Contact : inscription-id3.dge@finances.gouv.fr



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