Ecuador-Israel: the “Green Brick” Community Project to build a medical center

María Ángela Serrano María Ángela Serrano

A graduate from MASHAV’s Young Leadership course together with members of a rural community in Ecuador utilized recycled materials to build a much needed clinic which will provide medical assistance to the local population. The project, which came into completion recently, was the initiative of María Ángela Serrano, a graduate from the 2011 Young Leadership: Tools and Methodologies course organized by MASHAV’s professional affiliate the Aharon Ofri International Training Center. Upon her return to Ecuador, she started the project at the rural community of Punta Hacienda. Under her leadership, the community collected and recycled over 13,000 plastic bottles, which were later filled with earth and sand, converting them into “green bricks.” Members of the community constructed together the 3-room building, and donated the cement and materials to build doors and windows, and finally the roof.

As a result of the project, the Punta Hacienda community has nowadays its own medical dispensary, and will enjoy weekly visits from a physician and a dentist from the local Rural Social Association.
The Young Leaders from Ecuador Project is yet another proof of the multiplying effect of MASHAV’s training programs. A small project presented to the Israeli Embassy in Ecuador and the Aharon Ofri International Training Center by two alumni – former Minister of Education Raúl Vallejo and Marco Dávila, led to the establishment of a national empowering program for young leaders from Ecuador. Following their training in Israel, and by incorporating the value of mutual responsibility, they become agents of change in their own communities.

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