MASHAV-USAID program for professionals from Ethiopia plant propagation and production of deciduous fruit trees

A professional program on Plant Propagation and Production of Deciduous Fruit Trees was recently conducted in Israel in cooperation with USAID and Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture. The program was conducted at CINADCO’s Shefayim Training Center, MASHAV’s main professional and operational affiliate for international agricultural rural development cooperation ; and counted with the participation of professionals involved in the ongoing MASHAV-USAID-MoARD Ethiopia agricultural cooperation program (Dec. 14).

​The intensive program included professional visits and workshops covering different aspects of fruit tree production such as : propagation, irrigation, adapting technologies to local conditions, and more.

The joint MASHAV-USAID-MoARD Ethiopia program focuses on the development of horticultural plant propagation in Ethiopia through nursery cultivation and tissue culture propagation, and is accompanied by a MASHAV-CINADCO long term Israeli expert resident in Ethiopia.

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