Israeli, Germany pledge to boost mango cultivation in Cameroon

The Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) and the German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) ,will on Thursday sign a Memorandum of Understanding to kickstart the second phase of Cameroon’s development strategy of the rural sector.

The ceremony will take place at the Binguela Practical School of Agriculture (EPAB) as Israel and Cameroon pledge to continue supporting Cameroon in the development of the mango value chain.

The second phase comes after the successful implementation of the first phase launched in 2016 to support agricultural schools and farmers by introducing innovative mango varieties, cultivation methods and technologies in order to improve both productivity and revenue.

Since 2016, the project has trained 12 local trainers were  in the establishment of high-density demonstration plots in Marza in the Adamoua Region as well as 122 local trainers and 10 local experts in grafting techniques and in the selection of rootstocks.

Other key results achieved through the project are the grafting of 180 seedlings (1, 060 Kent, 1, 060 Keit and 1, 060 Smith) from Kismatari in the North onto the rootstocks in Binguela to develop the production of improved plants which will be sold as early as May 2019 to provide local farmers with improved plant varieties. Drip irrigation kits from Israel were also installed in demonstration plots in Binguela.

Source journalducameroun

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