São Paulo-Israel Industrial Joint Program Announcement

FAPESP – São Paulo Research Foundation, on behalf of the State of São Paulo, Brazil and MATIMOP -The Israeli Industry Center for R&D, acting on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) at the Ministry of Economy, are pleased to offer a joint program in order to promote and facilitate bilateral research and innovation projects between Entities from the State of São Paulo, the Federative Republic of Brazil and from the State of Israel. Research and Innovation Projects should demonstrate the technological and mutually beneficial contribution of the participants from both States as well as address specific market needs or challenges and demonstrate high industrial relevance and commercial potential.
Eligible Participants : Registered Companies engaging in Industrial R&D Projects in both Israel and Sao Paulo in ALL sectors.

The joint R&D project should aim at the development of products/processes leading to commercialization in the global market or in Brazil. Additionally, the proposals must demonstrate all of the following requirements:

a) The products/processes to be developed must be highly innovative and with significant commercial potential.

b) The partners in Israel and in São Paulo, Brazil, must agree in advance on an IP rights agreement and on a commercialization strategy for the product or process.

c) The partners in Israel and in São Paulo, Brazil, must be capable of implementing the project and funding their respective share.

d) The project should demonstrate the scientific and technological contribution of the participants from both countries.

e) The project must demonstrate adequate balance among the participants and significance to both partners.

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