Mashav: Citrus production program for professionals from India

A professional course to demonstrate best practices, knowhow and new agricultural technologies in the citrus production field was recently conducted in Israel within the framework of the Israel-India Agricultural Cooperation Program.

The course (Nov. 3-18) took place at CINADCO’s Shefayim Training Center, MASHAV’s main professional and operational affiliate for international agricultural rural development cooperation; and counted with the participation of 19 professionals involved in the ongoing Israeli-Indian agricultural cooperation program.

The professional program of the course included lectures and workshops covering different aspects of citrus production such as: Grafting; citrus propagation; economy of agricultural production in citrus groves; irrigation; and more.  Professional visits covered, among others, citrus nurseries; storage and post-harvest facilities and packing houses.

Under the existing Indo-Israel cooperation in agriculture work plan, 30 Centers of Excellence are in various stages of development in 10 states across India. Implementation and adaptation of Israeli technologies has succeeded in increasing production and to significantly raising produce quality.

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