Fortscale (Israel): Autonomous Insider Threat Detection Engine

Fortscale ends insider threats with a new generation of rule-free, autonomous behavior analytics based on machine learning. With no rules to set up, Fortscale’s user behavior analytics engine starts getting smarter the second you turn it on. Fortscale models your users and systems autonomously, on-the-fly. Fortscale spots anomalous behavior quickly, accurately and doesn’t need constant “babysitting.” It might sound like magic, but it’s mostly just really good math – and only Fortscale has it. Backed by Intel and Blumberg Capital, Fortscale ends insider threats, lowers analyst stress-levels and makes your whole security operation work a whole lot better. Fortscale is the only pure-play machine learning UEBA product on the market. No rules to write. No limits on what Fortscale can detect. From its intuitive alerts and investigations, to its self-tuning anomaly detection and risk scoring, Fortscale is stacked with features designed to make the lives of security analysts easier.

Autonomous Insider Threat Detection Engine

Fortscale’s insider threat detection engine analyzes authentication and contextual data from a number of sources within your environment, and quickly models “normal” or baseline user and entity behavior. Using multivariate statistical analysis and machine learning, Fortscale identifies when deviations in behavior occur without the need to manually write a single rule.

Dr. Yona Hollander COO & Co-founder

Dr. Yona Hollander
COO & Co-founder of Fortscale

Multivariate Risk Scoring

Security analysts are busy and automatic prioritization of threats is key to focusing efforts and allocating resources appropriately. Iterative analysis and multivariate correlations across disparate timeframes, contexts and datasets makes Fortscale a much “quieter”, more accurate and more hands-off UEBA than you’ve ever seen before.

Ingest & Analyze Any Data Source

Fortscale can ingest access and authentication logs from almost any application, even your own in-house “crown jewel” applications. Our out-of-the-box connectors allow you to hookup your Fortscale instance directly to data sources such as:

  • Active Directory
  • Crown Jewels Applications
  • Salesforce Logs
  • VPN Logs
  • Windows Account Management Events
  • Printing Logs
  • NTLM logs
  • Kerberos Authentication
  • Windows Group Management Events
  • Oracle DB Logs
  • SSH Logs
  • Intel Security McAfee Web Gateway Logs
  • Forcepoint DLP Logs
  • Network DLP
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Cisco ACS

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