Virusight Diagnostic” Signs Strategic LOI with ICTS Europe for COVID-19 Rapid Screening in International Airports around the globe

Les bornes en libre-service dans lesquelles Virusight Diagnostic et ICTS Europe vont intégrer le dispositif de test de dépistage salivaire du COVID-19 pour les aéroports (photo : ICTS Europe) Les bornes en libre-service dans lesquelles Virusight Diagnostic et ICTS Europe vont intégrer le dispositif de test de dépistage salivaire du COVID-19 pour les aéroports (photo : ICTS Europe)

Virusight Diagnostic is a newly formed Joint Venture of Sheba Medical Center’s ARC Innovation Center & Newsight Imaging. The pilot is due to start at airports in the EU.

In a ground-breaking effort to keep international airports open and providing safe travel for both tourists and business executives in the COVID-19 era, Virusight Diagnostic, a newly formed AI (Artificial Intelligence) healthcare venture between Sheba Medical Center’s ARC Innovation Center and Newsight Imaging, has signed a strategic LOI (letter of intent) for rapid screening of airline passengers with ICTS Europe, a leading security provider at major airports across the globe.

Virusight obtained the rights to use the SpectraLIT™, Newsight Imaging’s portable and accurate spectral analysis device, empowered by Virusight’s software solution combining Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The method has been clinically proven at Sheba Medical Center, the largest hospital in Israel and the Middle East to identify viruses such as COVID-19 in seconds – using a simple oral mouth rinse. The company is now joining forces with ICTS Europe to implement the technology and screen millions of passengers in airports worldwide.

ICTS Europe is an international group with over 30 years’ experience in providing security solutions to organisation within the Aviation, Public Transport, and Corporate sectors. ICTS operates in 23 countries, covering over 120 airports and 300 operation centers across Europe, North America, and the Far East.

The two companies agreed to start a set of supervised pilot programs at targeted airports in an attempt to release the world from the pandemic travel lockdown. Tests will be immediate, affordable and monitored, so that airports and airlines can optimize the level of safety by mitigating the risk of COVID-19 infection. Following the pilot’s completion and analysis, a wide deployment of the technology is expected in airports across ICTS Europe’s existing infrastructure, utilizing Virusight’s Imaging technology backed by ARC at Sheba Medical Center.

ARC (an acronym for-Accelerate, Redesign and Collaborate) has made headlines around the world during the pandemic, by introducing a range of digital and tele-health solutions to deal with COVID-19.

Oren Sapir, ICTS Europe’s President & CEO commented, “Since the outbreak of COVID-19, ICTS Europe has played an important role in supporting the aviation community, by assisting with recovery via our Back in the Air initiative – a package of innovative solutions aimed at boosting confidence amongst passengers and stakeholders. As travel restrictions are gradually lifted, innovation and technology will continue to be central to the industry’s recovery, and so we are proud and extremely pleased to join forces with Virusight to unveil SpectraLIT™ – a ground-breaking COVID-19 screening solution, powered by unique machine-learning and AI capabilities.”

Sapir added, “Thanks to its flexibility, SpectraLIT™ can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual airport, airline or any other organization who may be looking to integrate screening capabilities into its operations. SpectraLIT™ not only complements our existing range of solutions, but also has all the required components to become a key feature in our Back in the Air initiative. We chose Virusight due to its proven diagnostic track record. Combined with ICTS operational expertise, SpectraLIT™ is set to become the industry’s benchmark for passenger screening against COVID-19.”

Eli Assoolin, CEO of Newsight and Board Chairman at Virusight Diagnostic said, “We are very pleased to sign this important LOI with ICTS Europe, just a few weeks after we have formed our joint venture with Sheba Medical Center. Our solution for COVID-19 is currently in the process of receiving regulation approval and is ready for deployment in COVID-19 hot-spots such as airports. Our strategy is to enable a return to a normal lifestyle by selecting the best-in-class partners in each domain. ICTS Europe is a leader in their field, with wide-spread proven success and brilliant solutions which are currently already deployed in many places. The two companies will strive to cope with the challenge of mass screening of airline passengers, and we are keen on seeing the world of travel getting back to a normal routine.”

Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center stated, “This agreement, is an important milestone for the company, digital health will transform healthcare and this is yet another example of leveraging AI technology to mitigate COVID-19. We formed ARC, our innovation model with the aim to accelerate innovation through redesign healthcare by collaborating with partners. This is an active example of the model at work.”



About ICTS Europe

ICTS Europe, owned by the French holding company Sofinord, is a leading supplier of security and passenger processing solutions, providing a broad range of services and technologies across a variety of industries.

Leveraging its global network of operational hubs, in-depth industry knowledge, and technological capabilities, ICTS Europe protects organisations’ most valuable assets end-to-end. Combining extensive experience and specialised skills, ICTS offers a comprehensive portfolio of targeted solutions that span across its clients’ value chain – from flow facilitation, explosives detection and X-ray screening, through to risk resilience, compliance and process optimisation,

With more than 16,000 employees worldwide, working in more than 120 airports in 23 countries, ICTS continues to work closely with its airport, airline, and high-end corporate clients, developing the next generation of responses to evolving security needs, emerging threats and changes in the operational landscape – a company committed to continuous innovation.

About Virusight

Virusight is an AI software company, using unique spectral acquisition and analysis technology, for pathogenic diagnosis.

The company is developing revolutionary COVID-19 rapid tests, based on Newsight Imaging’s spectral technology while using a non-invasive oral rinse. The technology allows for an immediate, affordable, and portable solution, which will be able to identify other viruses in the near future.

Founded in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Virusight was created to develop an accurate, real-time virus diagnosis solution. The company is a result of mutual collaboration between Newsight Imaging and ARC at Sheba Medical Center, the largest hospital in Israel and the Middle East and recognized by Newsweek Magazine, as one of the Top 10 Best Hospitals in the World.

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