Big data and colon cancer: Medial (Israel) and Maccabi healthcare are developing a new screening system

Medial EarlySign is a pioneer in the field of algorithmic analysis of medical data. Using advanced, proprietary technology, Medial analyzes large patient databases and develops products based on multidimensional predictive models that accurately evaluate personal risk levels and support the medical community in the diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making process.

The company’s first product, MeScore CRC, offers population-based eScreening for colorectal cancer in a simple, cost-effective program that has the potential to significantly improve compliance.

The Need for Predictive Models
The medical community world-wide is constantly challenged to improve the level of care while controlling costs. One of the keys to effective medical care lies in the ability to base diagnostic and therapeutic decisions on accurate risk prediction. Predictive models are used widely today, but since they consider a relatively small number of parameters, they do not provide a result that is closely correlated with the individual patient.

The Challenge: Modeling the Risk of the Individual
Physicians, health care organizations, and public agencies need decision support tools that can consider a broad range of factors to assess risk. These tools have the potential to improve screening, improve the accuracy of recommendations, and reduce the number of tests and treatments performed un-necessarily. However, developing complex models requires analysis and testing on very large data sets. This is impossible without the most advanced data processing techniques available.

The Medial Algomedical Platform
Medial’s Algomedical platform uses proprietary algorithms to predict the risk of medical conditions, or to pretest the probability of the results of specific interventions or diagnostic tests. It can simultaneously test hundreds or even thousands of parameters on millions of records to create multidimensional predictive models. Medial’s models are based on a large number of indicators, and therefore provide risk scores that are highly specific to the individual patient.

From Research to Commercialization
Medial engages in sponsored research in partnership with HMOs, hospitals and other medical organizations that have large patient databases suitable for analysis. Following discovery and testing of an effective model, Medial engages in productization and marketing of solutions for doctors, patients, insurers, and public agencies. Through this combination of research and product development, the company strives to improve both the quality and cost-effectiveness of medical care.

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