Le Monde Group to Deploy Outbrain’s Proprietary Technology Across 8 Digital Properties

Yaron Galai et Ori Lahav fondateurs de Outbrain Yaron Galai et Ori Lahav fondateurs de Outbrain

Outbrain announces an exclusive multi-year agreement that will see Le Monde Group deploy the full suite of Outbrain’s powerful technology solutions across its portfolio of leading properties.

Widely considered as France’s leading newspaper and website, Le Monde was an early adopter of Outbrain’s content recommendation and editorial decision-making and predictive analytics tools. The publisher will now use Outbrain exclusively across its portfolio of eight sites, including titles such as: Le Monde, Le Huffington Post, L’Obs, Télérama and Courrier international to support the work of its editorial teams.

“Outbrain’s focus on user experience and its advanced technology offering were key to launching this partnership. They were able to provide tangible tools that meet the totality of our needs whether social, journalistic, brand focused or commercial. Additionally, they have agreed to dedicate their attention to our editorial needs and fully support the independence of our editorial content,” commented Le Monde Group CEO, Louis Dreyfus.

Le Monde Group currently boasts a combined audience of 510 million page views on average per month and 12.2 million unique users per month.

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