AI: symposium by Muriel Touaty, General manager of Technion France Dec. 10th 2018, in Paris

#TechnionConnectedWorld: Annual Event– Paris. Annual Manifestation of the Technion France – the topic of this year will be based over Artificial Intelligence

On December 10th, Muriel Touaty, General Manager of Technion France, organizes the 16th edition of the annual Technion France #TechnionConnectedWorld event which will focus this year on Artificial Intelligence, at the Chemistry House, in Paris, under the High patronage of Emmanuel Macron.

Artificial intelligence (AI) was one of the main topics of debate at the Consumer Electronic Show, CES in Las Vegas in January 2018.

Jean-Laurent Poitou, Global Manager at Accenture, explains: “The use of AI in connected objects marks the advent of intuitive solutions. We are really entering the era of the immediately usable connected object, without the need for learning. By 2035, AI could help increase global productivity by 40%. “

$ 11.1 billion: That’s the amount the AI ​​market should reach by 2024, up from $ 200 million in 2015, according to Tractica: “The exponential growth in the power of processing processes , combined with an unprecedented increase in available data, makes AI an extremely attractive business. “

In recent years, IA has made spectacular breakthroughs: image recognition, medical diagnostic aid, machine translation, lip reading, voice assistants, deep learning, natural language comprehension, autonomous vehicles …
The question is no longer whether the AI ​​revolution will take place, but how companies will embrace this change and adapt their workflows (Microsoft experiences).

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