Heetch continues its international growth and is interested in the night-time mobility of Tel-Aviv

The French start-up is pursuing its international development and will be a member of the French delegation coming to Tel-Aviv in order to evaluate the possibility of a future implementation. This visits follows the success the startup meets in France since its creation and its recent launching in Warsaw at the end of 2015 and in Stockholm at the beginning of May 2016. The start-up hopes to launch its application in a new European City every 2 or 3 months by the end of the year.

Heetch, a sharing-economy platform, looks for a quick European deployment strengthen by the utility of its model in France: creation of mobility, positive impact on youth safety, developing of mobility through isolated suburbs, solution to amortize the annual cost of their cars, etc.

Since September 2013, Heetch provides an innovative mobility solution to more than 300 000 young party-goers in Paris, Lille and Lyon.

The service has showed that it was meeting the strong need of night-time mobility expressed by young people (80% of the users are under 25 years of age), unsatisfied by the professional and public transportation actors, particularly from and to the suburbs areas (which represents 70% of the rides).

After launching its platform in Warsaw at the end of 2015, and in Stockholm at the beginning of May 2016, Heetch wants to speed up its development and is looking for news opportunities.

« Tel-Aviv is a very interesting city: the nightlife is highly developed and the local startup ecostystem is huge, especially in the mobility sector with some of the best startups which were born here, like Waze or Gett. We are very excited by our visit because we are convinced that we will have a lot to learn in Tel-Aviv and our model will touch young party-goers” says Teddy PELLERIN, Heetch cofounder.

About Heetch:

Launched in September 2013, Heetch is a platform which helps young people to come and go from parties safely. The company proposes an innovative and friendly service which is perfectly adapted to young people expectations. As a sharing-economy platform, individual drivers can only drive to pay back their annual car costs. Heetch offers a matching system between drivers and passengers sharing a ride, in exchange of compensation contributing to the amortization of their cars (on average, a Heetch driver received 1850€ in 2015, and all the drivers are limited to 6000€ a year to prevent any excess).

Heetch in numbers: 300.000 users – More than 10.000 occasional drivers – 50.000 weekly rides – French company.

For more information: www.heetch.com, section « presse »

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