EL AL : bye Yoram, hello Liat ! A woman will head EL AL Western Europe

a g. Yoram ELGRABLI, à d. Liat YAHAV a g. Yoram ELGRABLI, à d. Liat YAHAV

Message from Yoram Elgrabli:

‘Dear partners, colleagues and friends,

5 years ago exactly, I made my first steps as Managing Director for West Europe and now my mission comes to an end.

It is with great emotion that I say “goodbye Paris” as new horizons.

It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you. Our collaboration was fruitful and I have learnt from each one of you and that is why I would particularly like to personally thank you.
I would especially like to emphasize the dedication of my team , our west Europe branches managers and ELAL France team to thank them for their work, always,  harmonious and professional.

I’m sure you will great Liat Yahav –my successor- as well as you did for me.
I wish her all the best of luck, Liat has all the skills to excel.

I will keep an excellent memory of this Parisian interlude and ensure you that the EL AL team will always be at your disposal.

Yours faithfully,
Yoram Elgrabli’

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