Israeli start-ups raise funds: Hexadite (2,5 M$), WakingApp (1 M$), Parko (1,1 M$)

Cyber security startup Hexadite, launched by three former Israeli intelligence officials, came out of stealth today and announced $2.5 million in seed funding. The money comes from YL Ventures with a contribution from former Microsoft Vice president Moshe Lichtman, a general partner at Israeli venture capital firm, Israel Growth Partners. The company intends to automate the act of monitoring and understanding cyber threats as they happen.

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WakingApp‘s developments allow the wearers of smart glasses advanced interactive capabilities using Augmented Reality. WakingApp’s ability to build such advanced augmented reality software for smart glasses, as well as any other device – from smartphones and tablets to TVs – within minutes or hours, was its key advantage in raising a 1M$ investment. For the last two years, WakingApp has been creating what everyone is only now just talking about: everything you know of the internet, video games, and interactive content can now be implemented on the real physical world with multiuser interaction, live data feeds, personalization and social activities, live 3D games and much more. WakingApp’s technology allows it to enter any device: any smart phone, tablet and almost any kind of smart glasses – in fact, wearable technology is the company’s specialty. The proof of WakingApp’s popularity is clear. WakingApp has installed its software into a variety of augmented reality apps for different clients’ marketing campaigns, including Nestle, Isuzu’s interactive newspaper campaign, Interactive AR books & board games, AR second screen activities on national TV channels and many more. Alon Melchner, the WakingApp’s founder and CEO, is emphatic that the AR sector, which had lost some momentum in recent years is about to make a comeback and integrate into the life of us all. “Within five years the world will be covered with interactive digital layers. You will not be able to find a product in the supermarket, a newspaper ad, a TV show or an electronic device without a digital layer that interacts with the user, just as it is impossible today to find anything without a Facebook page,” he said. Due to the company’s major progress in the last months it has decided to precede its next round of funding and is in the process of negotiating with potential investors.

Israeli startup Parko raised a $1.1 million seed round to utilize the wisdom of the crowd to eliminate drivers’ painful experience in the search for parking.  The participating investors were SparkLabs Global Ventures, OurCrowd, and a syndicate of European angels.  Jeff Pulver, Vonage Co-founder and VoIP pioneer, also joined the company’s board of advisors. “We are excited to bring our leading technology to navigation providers, mobile parking solutions, automobile manufacturers, and municipalities,” stated Andrea Kruchik, Parko’s VP of Partnerships.  The current offering has been expanded to include its new parking availability information map-layer and parking guidance API, which can be integrated into any iOS or Android driving-related app. The company has recently opened branches in San Francisco and Paris.

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