Revolutionary ray tracing: Israeli company ADSHIR towards total realism

Adshir, after 4 years of research and development, has finally achieved what is unknown and thought imposible (to create a new technology with great implications/improvements in the graphics world as we know them today)  – real-time ray tracing technology in software.

CES 2018

The implications are enormous. As industry leading companies attested in seeing Adshir‘s demonstration at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the company has breakthrough and highly disruptive technology.

Why? From the beginning of graphics (display) technology, in computers and leading up to today’s smartphones, having real-life image quality has always been the goal. The only alternative has been in making hardware faster, and yet, it is still not possible. Now, with Adshir‘s software technology, much of this effort and expense will become moot. This is a game changer as the industry has rarely seen before.

The company has these paths ahead:

– Incorporation of it’s software technology into games, such as those found in Playstation and XBox consoles. The first major game title that utilizes Adshir’s software and makes the “world” within it look truly real, will prompt the entire Gaming industry to compete with the same patent protected technology from Adshir.

– Incorporation of it’s technology into either Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) headset/eyewear products. The promise of both is that people will see a mix of real and computer generated worlds (AR) or only computer generated worlds (VR) through their lenses, and be unable to differentiate from reality. We know that Adshir now has, and to our knowledge, the only technology to make this possible.

Reuven BakalashDr Reuven Bakalash, founder and CEO of Adshir, “We are raising our next round of $3M for one purpose, to secure a major partner in each segment that will unleash our technology to the world. These funds will be used for expanding the development and implementation team and related customer program expenses. With two commercial assessments initiated at CES plus offers for upcoming assessments and a planned roadshow in February, our workload and market potential has increased exponentially”.

Olivier Resnik / Board Advisor of Adshir – Cell +972.54.284.1220
Adshir – Tel Aviv – Israel
The Future of Graphics in Augmented and Virtual Reality

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