With $2M Round LiveLens (Israel) Launches Social Streaming App On iOS with Monetization Capabilities

Max Bluvband, CEO at Silent Communication / LiveLens Max Bluvband CEO at Silent Communication / LiveLens

LiveLens, a platform that allows anyone to easily stream video live to their existing followers and friends and schedule upcoming live events, today announced the launch of their mobile application. The LiveLens social media platform provides the easiest and most powerful way to stream content directly from a smartphone or tablet to any connected device and additional personal social media pages simultaneously. The company also raised $2M to help encourage users to monetize their video content easily with the application.

YouTube Vloggers and social media influencers car now create revenue from their videos.

LiveLens was founded on the realization that there was no mobile application or software on the market that allowed for easy live streaming and sharing that integrates to existing social media platforms. The application’s live streaming component gives anyone the option to broadcast either planned or spontaneous moments instantly within the Livelens application or through their personal Facebook pages. Once downloaded, users can choose to easily monetize their content by charging a fee to view their stream or they can allow it to be viewed for free by anyone.

We’re excited to introduce this new platform of video sharing to the social media world, filling a void that was clearly missing in the social platform market. As the industry continues to evolve, transforming on what seems like a daily basis, we can now welcome live video into the mix,” said Max Bluvband, CEO of Livelens. “Giving anyone the ability to easily share their moments in real time will also present the opportunity to create planned events where anyone can charge to view unique, behind the scene type content.”

The LiveLens video broadcasting application can be used as an effective platform for promotion by users with a strong social following, allowing them to effectively earn revenue by creating a charged event to showcase exclusive content. By enabling the monetization of unique or exclusive content, LiveLens empowers true user ownership and allows anyone the ability to tap into a new market of social currency.

The LiveLens application is now available for both iOS and Android.

Livelens is a “social platform for easy Live streaming,” that allows anyone to stream live video from their mobile device to their followers easily. Users can stream live video instantly or announce an upcoming live event to their followers. The platform also offers a unique opportunity, for those with a strong social following, to earn revenue by creating a charged event to showcase exclusive content. The Livelens app is available for both iOS and Android.

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