(Français) La nouvelle Skoda AFRIQ est équipée du générateur d’eau potable Watergen

The new Skoda AFRIQ debuted recently, and among its many features is a Watergen drinking water generator. The AWG extracts drinking water from the humidity of the ambient air and can generate drinking water, even in a desert. This is particularly useful in a car like the Skoda AFRIQ which is essentially a racing vehicle designed for desert rallies.

Watergen’s technology ensures that the car’s occupants have access to clean and chilled drinking water whenever they need it, and can produce up to 20 liters a day.

Skoda also wanted to send out an environmental message that the use of Watergen’s pioneering technology can help combat water shortages in desert regions such as North Africa and the Middle East. The technology also eliminates the need for single-use bottles and reduces plastic waste.

Israël Science Info