SNCF delegation signs agreement with israeli accelerator during 3rd edition of EcoMotion

A joint venture of  Israel Innovation Institute, the Prime Minister’s Office (Fuel Choices Initiative), Ministry of Science, Keren Hayesod and the Israeli Automotive and High-Tech industry, EcoMotion is building an interdisciplinary community focused on Smart Transportation, stimulating multiple solutions in R&D and entrepreneurship, and developing Smart Transportation.


EcoMotion is a non-for profit organization promoting Smart Transportation and providing a support platform for knowledge-sharing, networking and collaboration to all those involved in the sector. EcoMotion brings together young and experienced entrepreneurs, market leaders, international and local industry companies, technology-oriented people, policy makers, academic researchers and investors. As of December 2014, the EcoMotion community is connected to over 450 organizations (and growing) related to the sector.


EcoMotion’s core mandate is to support the Israeli Smart Transportation sector, and simultaneously, to position Israel as a global innovation center for Smart Transportation. The Vision of EcoMotion is to position Israel as a significant factor in the smart transportation field, while attracting new and innovative entrepreneurs into the field. The penetration of the “Digital World” in transportation can promote Israel’s position as a leading player in the field. This positioning is expected to contribute to reducing the use of oil for transportation, transitioning to green and more effective transportation solutions and improving the quality of life of the population.

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