Dr. Karina Golberg

BGU: a phytochemical derived from broccoli be the answer to antibiotic resistant pathogens

Antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens are increasingly playing a role in rising illness and preventing wound healing, especially in hospitals. While more and more pathogens...

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Credit: Idit Gunther/Hebrew University

Hebrew U.: Stray cats, invasive and destructive, How to Successfully Control Population Numbers

Hebrew U. Veterinary School Concludes 12-Year Study of Street Cats, Reveals How to Successfully Control Population Numbers. Increasing numbers of free-roaming street cats is...

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Dr Henry Mahncke

Dr. Henry Mahncke: Advice to Employers on the Hybrid Workplace from a Brain Scientist

Interview of Dr. Henry Mahncke about the impact of a hybrid workplace on the brain health and performance of employees. Dr. Mahncke got his...

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Dr Bella Ungar

Weizmann (Israel): A Noninvasive Test for Gut Inflammation

Today, people suspected of having inflammatory bowel disease are often required to undergo a colonoscopy, an invasive procedure performed under anesthesia. A new method...

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Dr. Katy Borodkin

Tel Aviv U.: Extensive Use of Smartphones by Parents Might Damage Toddler’s Development and Have Far-Reaching Consequences

Moms devote only 25% of their attention to toddlers while browsing the Internet on the phone. Though the Research focuses mainly on mothers, the...

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La chambre de Murphy Cooper dans le film Interstellar

Haifa and Ben-Gurion U.: Growing Up in a Book-Filled Home Could Protect Against Cognitive Decline in Old Age

While bookshelves filled with books have intrigued and delighted children for generations, they may confer heretofore unknown long-term benefits. According to a new study...

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Pr Nathalie Balaban-Questembert

Hebrew U.: Newly-Identified State in Bacteria Has Major Implications for Antibiotic Treatment and Resistant Strains

For almost two years, newsfeeds have kept us updated on the daily battle to annihilate the coronavirus.  So, it’ s easy to forget that...

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Pr Shira-Zelber Sagi

Haifa U.: High Consumption of Ultra-Processed Food Increases the Risk of High Blood Pressure and High Blood Lipids

The high consumption of ultra-processed foods, increases the risk of developing high blood pressure and high blood lipids among the entire population and the...

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