DEEPOPTICS Omnifocals (Israel) allows to see the world naturally and seamlessly

To imitate natural vision, we need a lens that can change its optical power without changing its physical structure. Liquid crystal technology allows us...

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Stanford, Institut de la Vision de Paris, Bar-Ilan… : Wireless Retinal Implant Could Restore Functional Sight

A paper published on April 27th 2015 in Nature Medicine describes a novel retinal implant.  The new technology, which is based on photodiode activation...

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Amnon Shashua , MobileEye cofounder, chairman & CTO

Valeo (France) and MobilEye (Israel) sign a unique technology cooperation agreement

Israeli company Mobileye, the global leader in front-facing camera based driving assistance systems, and Valeo (PAR: VLOF.PA), world leader in driving assistance systems and specifically...

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