Prof Noah Dana-Picard, president Emeritus, head of the Roland and Astrid Dana-Picard Chair for education, mathematics and Judaism

(Français) Pr Noah Dana-Picard (Lev Academic Center, Jérusalem) : Beresheet en orbite lunaire, déjà une immense réussite

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A Multiple-Impact Origin for the Moon

The formation of the Moon has remained something of a puzzle. A leading theory proposes a cataclysmic impact involving a Mars-sized object and a...

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Représentation artistique d'une collision entre deux corps planétaires d'une composition similaire conduisant à la formation de la Lune. An artistic depiction of a collision between two planetary bodies of similar composition leading to the formation of the Moon. Crédit: Hagai Perets

Technion (Israel) and Nice University (France) reveal the origins of the Moon and its composition

A research done by Technion researchers sheds a new light on the origins of the Moon and its composition. The research, published in Nature,...

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