Pr Mark Eidelman, 2nd from left, director of the Pediatric Orthopedics Unit at Rambam’s Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital with Africian colleagues at The Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa. Credit: Rambam Medical Center

Israeli Doctor Trains Local Teams to Treat Pediatric Orthopedic Deformities

Many children are born in Africa with orthopedic birth defects. Although this is a common problem, there are almost no available solutions. A unique...

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Members of the Hadassah team: Ruven Gelfond, Galel Yakobi, Hananel Sar-Shalom, Yuval Meroz

Hadassah (Israel) doctors bring Humanitarian Surgery to Ethiopia

For eleven-year-old Nazria and 16-year-old Fano, the doctors and nurses from the Hadassah Medical Center who flew in to Ethiopia from Jerusalem are their...

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