Hebrew U. (Israel): Brain Training May Help with Depressive Symptoms

A study published this week in Nature: Scientific Reports suggests that addressing a common cognitive deficit in people with depressive symptoms may help address those symptoms....

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TAU and Tel-Hai college: Covid-19 pandemic causes a sharp spike in anxiety and depression symptoms among Israelis

In October 2020, at the peak of the second lockdown, one in three people in Israel report being afflicted with high or very high...

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Catherine Zeta-Jones

BGU Researcher and Colleagues Discover Embryonic Origin of Mood Fluctuations and Bipolar Disorder

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Researcher Dr. Claude Brodski and colleagues from the Max-Planck Institute of Psychiatry and Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich in Germany...

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Ayelet Morag (en haut) et Keren Oved

Women and science, Israel: TAU PhD students discovered a gene that can predict patient response to specific antidepressants

Doctoral students Keren Oved and Ayelet Morag at Tel Aviv University have discovered a gene that may reveal whether people are likely to respond...

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