(Français) Formation de galaxies sur ordinateur selon Mond, la théorie de Mordehai Milgrom (Israël)

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Prof Noah Dana-Picard, president Emeritus, head of the Roland and Astrid Dana-Picard Chair for education, mathematics and Judaism

“There are people in the universe”, by Professor Noah Dana-Picard of Lev Academic Center

Professor Noah Dana-Picard of Lev Academic Center and member of the scientific committee of Israel Science Info, explains lunar eclipses of 2018. In January...

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Vue d’artiste d’une fusion d’étoiles à neutrons avec un sursaut gamma court, Crédit : Caltech

BGU Professor Predicted Gamma Rays and Heavy Metals Could Result from a Neutron Star Collision in 1989

In 1989, Prof. David Eichler from BGU and his co-authors from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and the...

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