Image : Bar-Ilan U.

Bar-Ilan U.: Eye test and training for astronauts will help all of us on earth to see better

Scientific committee of the RAKIA mission selects vision technology used and modified by Bar-Ilan University to be tested during Israeli astronaut’s upcoming space trip. Prolonged exposure...

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Pr Michael Edelstein

(Français) Bar-Ilan U. et Ziv Center : forte réponse immunitaire avec 1 dose de vaccin Covid-19 chez des personnes précédemment infectées

Although clinical trial data are encouraging, real-world evidence with regard to the COVID-19 vaccine remains scarce. In particular, response to the vaccine among those...

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Dr. Izaak Cohen, Bar-Ilan u. (credit Yoni Reif)

Bar-Ilan University (Israel) : Pilot anti-corona tunnel at Bloomfield Stadium until the end of the soccer season

Bar-Ilan researchers have developed a technology for the production of a powerful, environmentally-friendly disinfectant that can eliminate and kill viruses and has been proven...

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Bar-Ilan University researchers develop technology that transforms tap water into a powerful disinfectant against viruses, including coronavirus

Researchers from Bar-Ilan University have developed new methodologies to produce powerful, environmentally-friendly disinfectants, based on tap water, that can eliminate bacteria and kill viruses,...

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