Hadassah (Israel) Surgeon Chosen to Participate in Gifted Citizen Event in Mexico City

Dr. Joshua Schroeder, Hadassah Dr. Joshua Schroeder, Hadassah

Hadassah’s Dr. Joshua Schroeder was very honored to be chosen to be one of the 18 international contestants for the Gifted Citizen Prize at the prestigious international Gifted Citizen Event (CDI) in Mexico City. A Senior Surgeon in the Hadassah Orthopedic Department, Dr. Schroeder is the spine surgeon scientist who invented and performed the first surgery in the world using two inter-communicating robots at the same time.

Gifted Citizen 2018 Program

The Gifted Citizen Prize is an award whose purpose is to benefit humanity by freeing the creative potential and promoting innovation by encouraging social entrepreneurship projects that will impact millions of people over the next five years.

This year 18 participants were chosen, representing initiatives that have the potential to change life and improve it for 10 million people in 6 years.

The contestants for came from all over the world, and included not only Dr. Schroeder representing Israel, but also several representatives of the Jewish Community in Mexico. Each contestant was chosen because of their extraordinary ideas and passion that significantly improves the lives of others.

At the end of each presentation, each contestant had to answer questions posed to them by three important Mexican personalities. After all the presentations had been heard, a panel of 160 judges including among them businessmen, investors, influencers, organizations and media, voted live for the most innovative project.

The Gifted Citizen Prize was awarded to a project called “Sperarum”, by Costa Rican Christian Marín Müller, who is investigating a new therapy for pancreatic cancer.

The organizers of the prize, stated that it offers a great opportunity to create a community of social entrepreneurs who bet on creativity and innovation expressed in new and better actions, which can be developed to generate a positive impact in the face of the main global challenges.

Dr. Josh Schroeder with Ethel Fainstein, Director of Hadassah Latin America.

Carlos Glatt, director of Gifted Citizen, commented on the high-impact projects that they sought to promote and incorporate: Scientific innovations, Technological inventions; Educational, ecological and social transformations; Contributions to art and culture; Promotion of sustainable economic development and socially responsible entrepreneurship, as well as the defense of human, social and cultural rights.

Source Hadassah International

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